Braxton Family Values Season 4 Episode 1


ALRIGHTY THEN…..I guess I will start off my first blog post with a review of one of the few reality shows that I actually like to watch. Look reality television first started off as ratchet entertainment that most would label as their guilty pleasure and now it’s slowly but surely turning into a depression. The lows that people will stoop to, to have a relevant storyline is beyond me. However, there are some shows where you can tell there are no cue cards or lines for the cast to remember. Braxton Family Values are one of those shows in my book. I guess it’s also because there’s no point of pretending with your family. Now I will admit as much as I enjoy this show over the past seasons (along with Tamar and Vince spinoff), I was NOT counting down the days to the premiere like I’ve done in the past. Lets face it by season three, we viewers grow a little tiresome, especially when its the same bickering between the same people. Also, my heart broke a little when I saw how intense the drama will be in the trailer this summer. No one in their right mind wants to see a family fall apart over any type of fame or notoriety. Yet….I’m glad I decided to tune in after all. Let’s get into shall we…..


So Miss Toni Braxton is not only back in business as a singer, but even starting in her third Broadway production “After Midnight”. Miss Toni was clearly nervous, yet excited to be back doing Broadway and from the clip that we saw last night she was doing a great job. I have to admit watching Toni on stage performing and trying to work while she is fighting her battle with Lupus made me a little emotional. She remind me of my mom who happens to be fighting the same disease and how she too was trying to still work her butt off, until recently forced into early retirement. (That’s a whole another blog, honey!) Yet, Toni  was clearly doing her thing and looked and sound beautiful as always. Especially after having a Flare up the night before her performance on the night of Tamar’s birthday dinner party, which she unfortunately couldn’t make. Which I understand all to well was out of her control. Other than that, Toni is clearly back in the swing of show business.


Our girl Traci is still rocking the Ronald McDonald hair and fresh out of Marriage Boot camp………Yeah that was it for her on this episode


Trina and Gabe are back together……….again……for now. Chile I’m so over them. Next.


Tamar is taking a little break from her success of her Grammy nominated Love and War album, to not only support Toni’s new Broadway show , but to celebrate her birthday as well. And Tamar being Tamar, she bluntly asked for not only her gifts, but for speeches right there at the dinner party. (SMH/lol) So the sisters that were in attendance( Trina, Traci and Towanda) gave very heart felt birthday wishes and words about their baby sister. Following up, to their speeches was one by a friend of Tamar’s……..and that’s where hell almost broke loose. To sum up what this guy said he was telling Tamar despite what other people may say, she is still remain the same person he met years ago. Well as the saying goes “a hit dog will holler.” Trina and Towanda (mostly Towanda) took offense to what the man said. Which made them both look stupid by ASSuming . Never the less this just reignited the flame of conflict between Towanda and Tamar, that we saw throughout last season. The drama escalated even more at the dinner of Toni’s opening night after Toni asked. “What is a Tamartian?” which now leads me into Towanda.


And Towanda responds to Toni’s question by saying ” A (Tamartian ) is a rude child on twitter.” Basically Towanda is still upset about what an ignorant Troll said to her about hoping her kids will get killed and be raped on twitter. Clearly this was someone that was suppose to be a Tamar(tian) fan who took things waaaaayyy too far. Tamar still try to defend and justify what she defines  Tamartian to be. I understood that Tamar was defending her fans, but I also understood how Towanda took offense to her taking up for them without acknowledging what happen. You can just see throughout the whole episode that Towanda was just ready to pop off every chance she  got. What irritated me the most was that it would be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Speaking of which the last ultimate argument between her and Tamar led to Towanda having an emotional meltdown right there in the restaurant. By not only screaming and yelling, but pushing the silverware platters and glasses off the table, which followed up with her she storming out of the restaurant.

As much as I don’t really care for Towanda, it was really sad to see her have that breakdown. I personally think that it’s mixture of a lot of things from, depression, resentment, insecurity, and jealousy. I really hope that these sisters can get it together and help each other as well as helping themselves. If this needs to be their last season, then so be it. But that’s all for now. I hopefully will be back next week to review episode two.


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