Beyonce’s VMA Performance 2014

Mrs. Carter
                                       Mrs. Carter

Although I am a big Beyonce fan, I am NOT a Stan. In other words I was not counting down to the day this aired. I’m sorry, but the VMA’s just doesn’t excite me like it use to and lately they have become known for just having a highlight moment with an ok show. Plus if the rumors were true about Beyonce performing her entire Self titled Visual Album and receiving the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award presented by her Husband and child……yeah I’ll catch the performance by itself the later. Boy, am I glad I did! According to the twitter rants and Instagram red carpet feed with the majority of celebrities were looking BLAAAHHHHH, it turned out exactly how I thought it would be. Beyonce was the show and it looks like they saved the best for last. However, if people who I know personally that are not Beyonce fans says she slayed, then I knew this was a performance I had to hurry up and see.



I thought the beginning of her performance started off beautiful and artistic, but those two sbeyonce 1ongs “Mine & Haunted” along with “XO” are still growing on me. HOWEVER, I rose to the occasion once she started to sing “Angel” and every song from the album all the way until “XO”. The bottom line is Beyonce could’ve been singing “Old McDonald Had a Farm” twerking on a wall and edges will still be on the back of a milk carton. Yes Blue’s Mama did that. Also it looks as if she gave me and everyone else who didn’t go to the “On The Run” tour a free concert of what we missed. Thank you Gurrrrlll!!!


I think we can all agree on who really stole the show with even just a few minutes of camera time. That would be Miss B.I.C. and all of her cutie pie-ness. Clearly she is her mommies biggest fan and one of her favorite tunes is “Flawless.” The way she started singing and dancing was too cute for words and so was her father’s facial expression when he noticed.


I Woke up like dis
                              “I Woke up like dis”
Blue Is Flawless
                            Blue Is Flawless

And the moment I am sure will shut all divorce rumors down……The Carter’s.

The Carter's
                                             ” Go Mommy”….said Miss Blue
Kissy Face
                                                         Kissy Face

Congratulations Beyonce! You are one hard working Phenomenal Woman who deserves it.



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