Hunk of the Day: Boris Kodjoe on the cover of Upscale

UGGGHHHHHH like can this man please stop being so fine and sexy just for once. Actor Boris Kodjoe, 41, is gracing the cover of Upscale Magazine and giving us a little bit on Hollywierd life. He also dishes on how to keep that balance of having a normal state of mind in Hollywood and how much he had to learn to just looked as a “regular” African American having a German background. Also, what keeps him on not giving into other people’s perceptions, which is something we all need to try.  Take a look and a read:

Keep ya Drawers on ladies!
Keep ya Drawers on ladies!


On Hollywood:

“Hollywood puts you in a box and they don’t like you stepping to the left or right of that. I’ve tried as much as I can to just spread my wings when the opportunity arose. And it’s tough, I’m not gonna lie, ‘’cause they don’t let you. You really have to scratch and fight for the chance to show them that you can do it.”

On Being a Regular Guy:

“I could walk around with security guards and make it really weird on everybody and draw a lot of attention. But I like to move around like a regular person.”

On being over people’s perceptions:

“If I started worrying about how people perceive me, I would be mad about people not realizing that I couldn’t even speak English when I first came here. People always give so much props to English actors that do an American accent convincingly. I had to learn how to walk and talk and move around so I could be accepted as somebody who plays African-American roles. There’s not one other German actor who has established himself as playing American characters. I’m proud of that. I use it as encouragement to myself that I don’t have to put limitations on where I wanna go.”

For more of Mr. Kodjoe’s interview you can purchase the Sept./Oct. issue of Upscale Magazine at your local new stands. I know I’m gonna snatch me a copy to drool on! 


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