In Sports News: Cincinatti Bengals Resigns Devon Still to Help Pay for Daughter’s Chemotherapy

I’m only a sports fan when I’m in a relationship, with that being said I haven’t kept up with sports or scores in a very, very, very long time. However, when something hits global news that is related to a sports athlete I do pay attention. Despite the disgusting elevator video footage that leaked out today of NFL player Ray Rice giving his wife a T.K.O. there are some positive things going on with athletes outside of the field. The Cincinnati Bengals are re-signing  player Devon Still for the sake of his precious four year daughter, who has been diagnosed with a  rare case of cancer called, Neuroblastoma.

Devon and Daughter Leah
Devon and Daughter Leah

The Cincinnati Bengals had previously cut Devon I guess for the fact that he clearly wasn’t putting his heart and soul in the games.  Which Devon himself said he understood.

“I completely understand where the Bengals were coming from when they cut me because I couldn’t give football 100 percent right now.”

Well, I guess after learning the reason being, the Bengals decided to resign Devon to their practice squad. Where he can maintain a decent salary to help pay for Leah’s treatments and also receive help with the benefits from the medical insurance. Word has it that Devon, like any parent would be in this heavy situation, has expressed nothing but gratitude.

My Heart melts!
My Heart melts!
How cute is this picture!
How cute is this picture!

Talk about a reality check ,with a reminder to appreciate life along with it. This lovely little girl is reminding us how to smile through it all. I will definitely keep Devon and Leah in my prayers and that she will no longer be a patient, but a successful survivor very soon.  


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