In Sports News: Ray Rice Suspended INDEFINETLY from the NFL

In case you missed the news NFL pla…..excuse me, I mean now officially EX NFL player Ray Rice and his wife Janay Rice has been the talk of he town for well over a month now. This is all because of an altercation back in February that he and his wife had on an elevator at the Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City.


The Press Conference of Ray Rice and wife Janay.
                                   The Press Conference of Ray Rice and wife Janay.

 Once the news made it to the public, Ray and his wife Janay did a press conference acknowledging the incident and apologizing for it as well. At the time Ray only received a suspension for certain amount of games. Welp, as of today all of that has officially changed. Around this afternoon the video of what actually happened on the elevator surfaced and has definitely gone viral.

Smh....Punk ass Punk.
                                                                    Smh….Punk ass Punk.


To catch the entire footage head over to where you not only see him knock his wife (at the time fiancé) but dragging her out the elevator unconsciously.

Mr. Rice has not only received harsh feedback from tons of people from celebrities to former fans, but has gone from being suspended from some games to all games for eternity. Yep, that’s right boyfriend can’t sit with them anymore. Now there are some people who look at this situation and wonder why should we the public give a damn, especially if his lady still married him one month later after the assault. Some are saying that the NFL is still full of it, because they only made this decision now that the world has seen the video. I understand where everyone is coming from, but sometimes you have to just use your imagination and picture Janay as a daughter, sister, or BFF of yours. Rather she continues to take him back or not….would you want to see this guy getting praise and accolades he doesn’t deserve? Do you want to see him be excused for this type of behavior? Even if the NFL finally suspended him indefinitely to save face for themselves or because they had to, I say so be it. These grown boys out here who think that it is ok to fight and hit women need to learn that there’s a price for being a punk ass bish. Excuse my French, but something needs to be done. I hope while he’s losing his steady income, his wife Janay will gain some self esteem and walk away from him as well. I pray that whatever decision they decide to make in the future will be better and involves counseling for themselves individually.


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