Well……That Was Quick!?: Stage Play Musical ” A Mother’s Love” by Kandi Burruss Gets the Axe!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything……but honestly I just felt like news has been slow and very redundant lately. But Mrs. Todd Tucker has snapped me out of it. Word has it, that due to shaking hands with Janky promoters has caused the tour of the stage play musical ” A Mother’s Love” to be cut short. This is only after having performances in three cities.

        The Tour Stops

This has definitely come as a surprise , due to so much positive feedback that the play was receiving. Plus, it was a very anticipated for a lot of fans that was looking forward to support the play after seeing it come together on RHOA. Kandi took it to instagram to address the situation as well as an apology for inconvenience this has caused those who were looking forward seeing the production.


I’m really sorry that this happen to Kandi, but I wouldn’t be surprise if she finds a way to a continue the tour. She is a very smart business woman and I am sure she’ll find a way to work this out or move on to something better. Guess we will have to tune in for the upcoming season of Housewives to see the solution.


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