In Sports News: Jonathan Dwyer Breaks Wife’s Nose After She Denied Him Sex!


I don’t know if the NFL is going out of business before the end of the year or if it’s the steroids, but these players have lost their got damn mind. I think it’s sad that this is most I have kept up with NFL news and it is all for the wrong reasons. Which starts to make me wonder what’s really going on?!?! Is this all for publicity? Or are these guys really getting pumped up with steroids and God knows what else, while being covered up at the same damn time? This is not coming as a coincidence anymore, but I digress.

The story about how long/how this “man” has been abusing his wife and their son is just mind blowing. It’s like a combination of all domestic violence stories we have either read/ heard over the years. Here’s what has been posted from Madame

According to the New York Daily News, Arizona Cardinals star Jonathan Dwyer is accused of terrorizing his wife for nearly two days in July after she brushed off his sexual advances. Dwyer’s wife said that when he tried kissing and undressing her, she responded by biting him on the lip, which resulted in a physical altercation. The following day, she alleges that he punched her on the left side of her face with a closed fist. She adds that he also allegedly began beating on the walls in their home and tossed a shoe at their 18-month-old son. Thankfully, police say that the child was not injured during the rampage, but according to ABC News, Dwyer’s wife alleges that she sustained a broken nose when he headbutted her. After the second alleged assault, police say that Dwyer’s wife left Arizona; however, she returned one week later after receiving suicidal text messages from her husband. Investigators say that he even sent over a photo of a knife. It’s also alleged that he threatened to take his life in front of their son. As previously reported, although the incidents are said to have occurred in July, they were not reported until September 11. – See more at:

Word has it that Dwyer was arrested this past week, but was released on bond the following day. He has also been put on house arrest and forbidden to play on other teams. Yet, he will receive $730,000 weekly check, due to contract obligations.(Ain’t that a bish!) If anything they need to provide him and the rest of these punk ass punks some counseling and anger management sessions that are worth that much. Well I guess we’ll have to wait and see who the next victim will be, not that I’m looking forward to it…hopefully this is it. Let’s all keep these athletes and their wives and kids, especially, in prayer.


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