HACKED:Celebrities Birthday Suits Have Been Leaked Out

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For a little over a month now there have slowly, but surely been celebrities having their iCloud accounts hacked and their nude selfies leaked to the public. The first person I heard about a few weeks back was singer, actress and poet, Jill Scott. Now, I wouldn’t consider her picture a nude pic, but she was half dressed. Still nothing was really exposed. However, the following celebrities who’s pictures that were leaked this past weekend were not so lucky. The unfortunate victims are so far: Gabrielle Union, Meagan Good, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Iggy and Vanessa Hudgens. The only male celebrity that has so far been hacked is Singer and Actor Omarion. (Which wasn’t a bad look btw….ijs!) I believe there are more that this is happening too, but so far these are the names and pictures that spread like wildfire on the online community.

Now I will say that although everyone’s pictures that were leaked out was not a bad look too see, it was still unfair, unfortunate and an invasion of privacy. Out of respect for them I will not post their pictures on this here post. There are plenty of other websites if you want to see that.

Gabrielle Union has addressed the issue and has also gotten into contact with the FBI. Meagan Good has also responded on her instagram account and she is pretty much taking a ownership and the higher “it is what it is” route.


Jill Scott responded in a similar approach on her twitter.

1) How quickly they forget (smh). I did nothing wrong & nothing that was YOUR snake concern. My photo was hacked; my PRIVACY INVADED.

2) I will not be bowed. I have earned every inch of my life. What u see, you can not touch & if it’s not ❤️ & understanding-

3) you are not a part of my village therefore making your attempt to harm me null. I’m not even delayed. Shame for spreading. Shame 4 adding

4) I love and appreciate my body. My style has always been graceful. Love Village I see you & feel you too. Thank you for being beautifully

5) human. Thank you for empathy. Thank you for KNOWING better. Thank you for speaking up. Breathe.

6) lastly- poor boys & mean girls- there is light in u. Move from stilted satisfaction. Ur effort 2harm, defeats u. Traps u. Thereissomuchmo –

Welp, there you have it folks. I hope whoever this is will eventually get caught and justice will be serve. This was all kinds of wrong. However, I am a firm believer that celebrities are people too, BUT let this be a wake up call on what sets you(celebrities) from the norm and why.


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