Thought This Was Cuffing Season!?: Wiz And Amber Split After One year of Marriage

September is usually the beginning of brand new relationships so people can have someone around for the holidays to do everyone’s favorite, one on one, indoor activities and exercises. On and off couples get back in contact to reignite the invisible flame to their ghetto love to secure their Christmas gifts. Oh and lets not forget to be part of the new cuddling of 21st century club (taking “Usies”).All of this to just break up before or a little after valentines day. SMH. Todays society I tell ya!!! Well I think fall has missed the memo and got there season’s wires mixed or some celebrities are not going to fake the funk anymore. There has lately been a case of celebrity separation that has made us gasps this past week.

Rapper Wiz Kalifah and wife Amber Rose are calling it quits after just one year of marriage. Now I will admit that I never really admired this couple, but then again they always seem genuinely happy whenever we saw them together. So, me and everyone else said the same two words once the news dropped WHAT HAPPENED? Welp……

Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose

After the announcement was made to the public there tons of rumors about who did what to who. From Amber possibly cheating with her new manager Nick Cannon, to Wiz also cheating on her and tried to keep her at home with their year one son Sebastian. As a distraction to not join him on tour. Amber cleared those rumors instantly on her twitter page and according to her someone was a cheater but it wasn’t her.

AmberBut according to documents she’s filing divorce because of “Irreconcilable differences” and according to the prenuptial agreement  that was made it doesn’t look like Amber is going to leave empty handed. However, it looks like the bigger fight is going to be over the couples one year old son Sebastian as far as custody arrangements…….:-( This is really sad, but unfortunately it is apart this journey called life for most us. I just they hope they keep it cute for the baby.


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