One Word…DRAMA: K. Michelle vs. Memphitz Saga Continues Part 2

As mentioned before in the last post relating to these two, Memphitz and his wife has made some responses about this deposition being released. I guess they thought those of us with common sense and real high school diplomas will finally give a Gigantic “We Sorry Y’all” HallMark Card. Peep their responses below:

photo 3-8                                    Screen-Shot-2014-09-30-at-12_08_01-PM

Well not only do we still see that he did abuse K.Michelle, but his next response only made us shake our heads at him even more:


Since the last post, which he has since deleted, it has made people speculate if he is referring to a sex tape or tape of proof that she’s lying. Especially since he mentioned having an audio tape. Regardless it has made folks question what type of grown married man keeps tapes of exes period? Especially if he has nothing to hide. I just hope after November 24th, which is the next court hearing that will settle all of this, that this chapter can finally close for the both of them. Stay tune I’m sure there’s more to come.


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