Thought This Was Cuffing Season?!: Former A.I. Judge Randy Jackson and Wife Divorce after 18 years

Chillllleeeee last week I felt very bad for slacking…..but now I will no longer beat myself up. All this breakup news from last week was and is depressing as ever. *Sighs*……….Former American Idol Judge Randy Jackson and his wife Erika call it quits after two children and 18 years of marriage. I totally understand when they say take the number of years you been with a person divided by two……that’s how long you all have been breaking up. However, there’s something about making it to year number 15 where I wonder what’s the point!?! That’s a long time to be with someone and then to start over at that, but you never what was going on through the union. Most cases no matter how long it takes, you got to do what you got to do.  In this case that is exactly what former American Idol Judge, Randy Jackson and his wife Erika are doing.


Erika filed this past Friday, cited irreconcilable differences and is seeking physical and joint custody of their 17 year old son (*stink eye and twists lip*), spousal support and for lawyer fee’s to be paid. Oh and ironically she is requesting this three weeks after Mr. Jackson sold an estate he had in Taranza, California for $1.9 million. This is also the second divorce for Randy as well.  He has a daughter from his previous marriage that was dissolve in 1990. SMH…..damn shame dawg!


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