Keyshia Cole Grinds on Piano For Her New Man, Birdman in InstaVideo

Yes Yes Yes Yes……..*spanks my own hand* for being a slacker. But honestly news has been either slow or very uninteresting. We can also blame the latest procedure and assignments I’ve recently had that kind of slowed me down as well. But thanks to the latest shenanigans…..I am back and lets start with Frankie’s daughter.

Chile I don’t know what’s going on over there in the wonderful land of K.Cole, but we are going to add her name on the prayer list. About almost two weeks ago Keyshia was arrested for attacking another young lady over her new man. What really made everyone’s jaw dropped was who this man turned out to be……the rapper Birdman.  Honestly, as hood and ghetto fabulous as the both of them are, this still an odd couple in my eyes for some reason. Me and the rest of the world who paid attention to the story as it unfolded and still remained folded in other areas didn’t really believed it to be true. Not until Keyshia made a video for the Instagram community to see dedicated to the man himself. Still pics below:

Keyshia Cole has a message for her piano-grinding haters  Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 3.29.13 PM

(You can see the full videos of her nasty grind at Madame, Vibe, Baller alert….etc)

Just by the pictures alone you makes you scratch your head and go……GIRL HUH? Plus, what was up with the dudes in the background? Excuse my perverted/ Scandal mind, but this looks like an Eiffel Tower waiting to happen. Which is why I really hope Keyshia gets it together. Too old and Pretty for this foolywag!

Of course shortly after she posted this catastrophe, she did the infamous post and delete, but as you can see it was far too late. So after receiving a host of backlash Ms. Cole responded with this……..


Translation: Yall just hating….that’s all.

Smh.I would just like Ms.Cole to think about someone before making these decisions. YOUR SON. I don’t know what ‘s going on with her estranged husband , former NBA player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, but if they ever precede with a divorce this can so be used against her. Well, just gonna keep her on the prayer list for now.


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