Love and Hip Hop Instagram Edition: Chris Brown vs. Cast members from “The Real”

Excuse my tardiness, but let’s still talk about it shall we. Soooooooo this past Monday on the latest new daytime television talk show “The Real” the topic was “inter -friend-tion”. (This is basically when you are fed up with your friend losing sleep and fun within her prime years over a fuck boy). Well, who they decided to use as an example for this “inter-friend-tion” was Karreuche Tran. Who is known for being Chris Brown’s on again/off again lady friend. Now I saw it when it aired and honestly they didn’t say anything out of line. In fact they only stated what we constantly see from these two and it was also very brief. Clearly Chris Brown didn’t watch the video and decided go by what he heard instead of finding out true facts for himself and threw a lovely temper tantrum on Instagram. He for whatever reason decided to attack Adrienne Bailon and Tamar Braxton. Take a look:

SMH. Little boys will be little boys or queens will be queens….however you perceive it first. Clearly he thought these two were going to be an easy target, oh but Ms. Braxton took homeboy back to the High School final exams he probably missed out on and READ him his rights.


BUT WAIT ………..THERE’S MORE! Since Karreuche was now called out she felt the need to respond too. *rolls eyes*

And in the final response Tamar responded back with back up proof of how she actually defended Chris Brown in the footage from the segment. Which clearly made him look stupid.

My question is where was this outburst when other people who has way more leverage than both of these ladies in the television hosting world,would drag kaerrucehe to filth?  Or when his ex was referring to her as “rice cake”?  Where are these outburst when a man does it? Last but not least, why didn’t he go off on the only person on the panel who actually did say something bad about him his character while Tamar actually defended him? I am officially done with this sorry excuse of a Man.


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