Thought This Was Cuffing Season?!: Toya and Memphitz Possibly Separating?!


Well, first and foremost I want to say Happy Holidays and Happy 2015. I hope that you have peace, love, happiness within yourselves and others to share it with it. So incase you missed the news, sony music executive, Mickey Wright, known to everyone as “Memphitz”, has been slandering/cyber bullying his ex/ R&B singer K.Michelle on Instagram. It made a lot us from the outside looking in wonder “why is he so obsessed with an ex he wants us to believe is crazy and a liar?” Also, “what does his wife Toya think?” Welp, I wanted to see for myself if he actually posted these things on his page, as well as wanting to see what the infamous keyboard thugs left underneath the posts. Of course they were all deleted now that word was on the street, but I couldn’t help but notice other postings he had. I kept thinking to myself”What married man would post some S**t like this, knowing his wife will see?” After doing more “investigation” from his page to his wife’s page I came to a conclusion that they are possibly separated. Unfortunately it looks like I was right. Take a look below.



Well, whatever they decide to do I hope they take the private and peaceful route. I hate to say it, but I saw this coming when I watched Toya’s spinoff show (A Family Affair) where you saw them get engaged and married. Even before K.Michelle aired his dirt out, you can just tell something about him was not right. Plus, the lack of faith that his family had in him on becoming a husband screamed volumes to me. Yet, as the saying goes, “it’s not what they call you it’s what you answer to”, so if they stay married I hope he mans up, start showing his wife some respect, and cut the foolishness.