Baby Love: Lil Wayne And Lauren London’s Son Revealed


Ahhhhhhh there he is!!!!!  Last night I noticed scrolling down my twitter timeline that actress, Lauren London, tweeted “Aint he cute! #mylittlehuman. I said to myself huh!? I almost assumed it was about her boyfriend, rapper, Nippsey Hustle, until it hit me that I highly doubt she would refer to her man as her little human. So, I shrugged it off and kept on scrolling. Then this morning at the 9-5 I finally saw what she was referring to. Yesterday, her former fiance and father of her son tweeted a pic of their son Cameron. Which is the first time the world has seen him. Take a look a the handsome fella below.

lil wayne and LL

Isn’t he all types of yumminess!! I have commend Lauren London for being very protective over son and letting him have his privacy. As I think a lot of these celebrities parents should do, because between social media thugs and Hollywierd I don’t which one is more harmful to a child. Well, time will tell if this just the beginning of more pics to come from Mr. Cameron or the next time we see him will possibly be his college graduation!


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