In B***h Don’t Try Me News: Amber vs. Everybody( Kardashian, Jenner, Tyga, West) Part 2

After the Kardashian drag that Amber gave Khloe on twitter, Kanye appeared on the breakfast club a couple of days later and preceded the blast his former flame, Amber Rose and even spill the tea that we the people knew all along about his sister in law, Kylie and her old man( literallly ) Tyga. It was clear Kanye was just trying to have his wife’s, Kim and her families, back. However, you can tell that is what it was truly all about, a scorn ex-lover’s revenge or possibly just Kanye using his imagination as usual. Take a look below: 

Well to add fuel to fire Amber took it to the twitter streets to respond to him directly.

kanye and amber

kanye and amber 2

kanye and amber 3

kanye and amber 4

My oh My!!!! Too much drama for my taste. Which is why I hope these grown a** adults will get it together and let go and let God. Keep their names out of each others mouths and get money off of their own.


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