My Black is Beautiful: Alfre Woodard Hosts the 6th Annual Oscars’s Sistah Soiree.


Now this is more news I would like to see and report. Legendary actress, Alfred Woodard, for the past 6 years has hosted what is called “The Oscars’s Sistah Soiree.” Now this is my first time ever really learning about it or even knowing it has existed for the past 6 years, which is not good in my book. I say that because the older you get as African American woman you learn more and understand about racism and the never ending nonrecognition of the African American culture and talent……until somebody white takes it, slaps their name on it and its now all of the sudden a great sensation. With that being said I personally get tired of the Black Hollywood raising hell and ranting about the Grammy’s, Oscars, Golden Globe, Emmy’s, etc…snubbing us year after year. It’s refreshing to see some of us actually flipping the script and doing something about it and creating our own events where we praise each other. Alfred Woodard has turned out to be one of those people, by reuniting black actresses and celebrate their names and work over the years. Take a read below on her reasons behind this Soiree.

“Every time we hear each others’ names, it felt like it was on of our reps going, ‘If that b-tch turns it down, then you can have it! I was like, wait a minute. When I hear my sister’s names, I want to have a joyful feeling in my heart about it.” 

“You see how loud it gets! It’s always like this, because all the women in this room have more in common with each other than anyone else in the professional world. We’ve all been on the same journey- we speak a common language.” 

“It’s to honor the women who are nominated and the women who, in a perfect world, should have been. I wasn’t going to have a gathering of women actors and not have CCH Pounder or Lorraine Toussaint here!”

“We know the ones nominated will be out and (are) being celebrated. But when they’re on the carpet, when they’re walking onstage, there are people like them wishing them well. The women who know exactly what you’re doing, actors of quality, saying good on you. We got your back.”

Lovely……just Lovely. More pics below and it definitely looked like good/ positive fun for to me:

alfre w. party

Hopefully we will hear about this for many,many, many years to come.


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