Will You Be Watching??? VH1’s ‘Sorority Sisters’ Reality Show Exposes Reckless Greek Life In Atlanta

*Sighs*…..Fix it Arizona!


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Baby Love: Kelly Rowland and Husband Tim Witherspoon Welcomes New Son Titan Witherspoon


Let’s all give a warm congratulations to the woman I hope to look like when I someday get knocked up Mrs. Kelly Rowland- Witherspoon and her Husband Tim. Kelly was definitely excused for not being able to vote this Tuesday on November 4, 2014, because she gave birth to her first born, a precious baby boy, Titan Jewell Witherspoon. Peep the statement from she and hubby below:

“We are thrilled to announce that today we are the proud parents of our first son,” Rowland said in a statement following the birth. “We are blessed to report everyone is healthy and happy!”

Of course her sisters from another mister, Beyonce, Michelle and Solange, shared their excitement as well.

kelly and michelle

Michelle informed E! News: “She’s doing very well.” Also added on why she knows Kelly will be a an excellent mother:Kelly’s going to be an amazing mom,” the singer added. “She’s always been great with children. She loves babysitting, she loves buying stuff for kids. She has such a big heart. She’s a giver and a nurturing person and, really, that’s what motherhood is all about.”


“I witnessed a miracle yesterday. My beautiful sis is a mommy!” Solange Knowles wrote on her instagram.

Underneath the above picture she captioned:“Hard to believe as the baby, I was the momma in this family photo. I’ve now watched both of my sisters give the gift of life in  such magnificent, powerful, graceful, strides,” she wrote. “I couldn’t be more moved today as I think about the power of sisterhood, kinship, and womanhood. The greatest crown to wear. The strongest bond, unbreakable. Strength, endless. Love, at the root of it all.”


And Beyonce posted the above picture ( that could possibly be baby Titan’s hand???) with the caption:There’s no better feeling than holding my beautiful nephew. I thank god for the honor of witnessing my sisters journey into motherhood.“I’ve always dreamt of our little ones growing up together. I’m so thankful for our bond. Baby Ty, I love you so much. Congrats to my Spoons.”(This was definitely just a couple of congratulatory remarks, because Kelly is a very well liked/respected celebrity and a friend to numerous).

Awwww makes me wanna go out and make one of my own. *Looks down at bank receipt*……Nope….never mind. But any who, CONGRATULATIONS TO KELLY AND TIM. I am sure baby Titan is in better hands than an All State client and I can’t wait to see him I am sure he is a handsome little fella.

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Young Berg Assaults Girlfriend Masika


If you have given into to the latest Mona Scott spinoff of the most staged drama in ratchetville U.S.A. known as Love and Hip Hop Hollywood…….don’t feel bad. I believe this will be a guilty pleasure for a lot of us until season3- 4.( That’s when a lot of viewers get bored or maybe that’s just me). Welp, if you watch the latest episode, you see the beginning stages  of the drama between Young Berg, Hazel E and Masika. For those who don’t watch Hazel E and Young Berg are doing the mess around or what some would call friends with benefits. Clearly Hazel E wants it to be something more and he makes it clear that he wants the complete opposite and continue to explore his options. It was so painful to watch as a woman to see her in such denial about this dude, but I was definitely on her side about Masika revealing this long term friendship she had with Young Berg. To me you just saw Masika for a shady vampire that she is.  Although she says in the episode Berg is just her brother friend that she will never be into recent pictures of the two can say other wise.


lhhh2                                                 lhhh3

Welp, this past Wednesday it was breaking news in the morning of how Young Berg was arrested for attacking his girlfriend. Since, these two don’t necessarily claim each other and he proudly talks about how much P***y he gets from different women within one week *rolls eyes*…..no one was sure who exactly this alleged girlfriend was. Later on throughout the day while the story was developing in turn out to be Masika herself. Peep into the details she gave of what happened:

“He hit me and dragged me by my hair,” Masika told police officers in a criminal complaint. “He pinned me to the wall and grabbed me by my throat.”Masika also told investigators that she sustained lacerations to her forearm, on her chest and above her left eye. She also says that she suffered bruising to her neck. Though Christian (his government name) was initially booked on a misdemeanor “obstruction of breathing” charge for the alleged attack, that charge has been dropped. He has since been charged with three counts of assault and one count of harassment. – See more at: http://madamenoire.com/487090/details-from-yung-berg-abuse-case-revealed/#sthash.f0TTWySQ.dpuf- 

Oh and it turns out that this all got started because his credit card was declined at whatever club or venue he was trying to use it. SMH Just when I didn’t think I could despise this dude even more than I already do……This is definitely the week of B.A.N.(s)